Friday, February 12, 2016

How to install xbox 360 games

Along with the release of Windows 10 for Xbox One came a new feature backward compatibility with Xbox 360. At first the number of backward compatible games was 104 a few weeks later added a few more, and today you have to add 10 more the list. The Xbox team continues to work with game publishers to continue launching new titles regularly.

Microsoft originally intended to be increasing the list every month, however in the end it will not. Now the number of titles available will increase as publishers make them compatible and appear right in our library of Xbox One.

Among all these games we have to mention one in particular, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The title developed by CD Projekt Red is free to download from today until next February 5, the trouble is that for now is only possible in Canada, the United States, Germany and France. We know if he finally can in other countries.

All digital games that you bought at the time will automatically appear in your library so you can execute them without more complications, so just have to wait for the update to enjoy your old titles on your Xbox One.

If you have games in physical format implemented have to insert the disc with the Xbox 360 game on your Xbox One, then it will download version directly in digital format and will appear as available in the library. Therefore, you not execute the games directly from the disk, but all they will do using the digital format.
Users of the two main platforms consoles, Xbox Live Gold and PSN Plus, they already have the official list of games that will be free for download on their respective consoles Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

Xbox 360 Emulator

The side of Sony, some well-known titles are mixed with large indies games and a few surprises. Starting with the titles that come to all three consoles, you can download the appropriate version for each title Helldivers, an action title where you have to survive in an inhospitable environment in which we can help up to three other friends to destroy every living creature.

The second of the titles Nom Nom Galaxy is an indie game for PS4 with retro aesthetics where we can go by mixing components and to build an empire of soup to feed the galaxy in which we can also share the fun with a friend.

Names more substantial arrive for PS3. Grid Autostport nothing less than the more professional driving game franchise Codemasters that will test our nerves at the wheel and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, a vibrant title fight. They can also be downloaded from the portable Sony, the PS Vita, the Lemmings Touch and Nova 111, which otherwise offer its sci-fi adventure also PS3 and PS4.
All titles this month are summarized in the video shown below.

Downloads for Xbox
For Microsoft, there are four titles that can be downloaded for Xbox One and Xbox 360, remembering that all who go for the former console the Redmond company are downloadable also in the next generation.
Throughout the month of February, from 1 to 29, will be available for free download, a strategy game using cards in Xbox One Hand Of Fate, similar to Magic The Gathering. The second title has already been other times in this selection but no less interesting. This is Styx Master of Shadows, the title in which he played a particular elf thief in an adventure of mystery and infiltration.

For Xbox 360 players, downloading this month consist of Sacred Citadel, an arcade title of the old school who can share with three other friends in the typical classic beat'em up, a genre that premiered the mythical Double Dragon . This can be downloaded until February 15 when made available to the legendary players Gears of War 2, one of the most acclaimed of the series.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

California Department of Technology

In 2016, we will see how products and solutions meet the needs that he has the market in terms of simplicity, easier management, better profitability and the need to integrate the management of data on the hybrid cloud.

The new year will bring the following new features:

Breaking down the barriers between servers, storage and networking
The converged infrastructure will minimize the burden posed by integrated hardware and released to customers so that they can experience with innovative software. It has been designed to increase the capacity of response of the Department of technology to the needs of the business, that reduces the overall cost in computing.

In its inaugural study Voice of the Enterprise: Converged Infrastructure, 451 Research concluded that 40% of the end-users surveyed planned to increase their spending on converged infrastructure through 2015, a clear signal that it will have more prevalence in 2016.

As with most technologies, the path towards converged infrastructure is driven by the need for simplicity and speed and the reduction of expenses.

At the Baylor School of medicine, often takes weeks to get infrastructure for research projects. This has avoided that the University could conduct investigations even more pioneering and publish results faster. To meet this need, the technology of Baylor team created a cloud of detection in a solution of converged infrastructure which provided prevalidado storage, network, and server technologies. Thus, Baylor managed to save 1.5 million dollars in hardware costs and properly allocated their resources without that researchers had to stop focusing on health to focus on technology.

DevOps will boost the growth of the converged infrastructure
Besides simplicity and speed, converged infrastructure is one of the segments with higher growth of the business infrastructure since resolves the main problem of the majority of organizations: the lack of knowledge of technology.

DevOps promises to communication, collaboration, integration and automation to create efficiencies in the organizations. In 2016, the organizations will see an increase of investments in converged infrastructure as DevOps emerges as a key example of the growth momentum.

Although DevOps required more time for programming applications, you can automate and streamline many processes, such as hardware configuration. It also promises to reduce start time of running new applications. This transition of workflows can help teams of technology to redirect its staff to the tasks that help to achieve and promote business objectives.

The price cuts will double the size of the flash market
The first wave of adoption of flash was fueled by their promise of performance, but its use was limited because of high costs. So far, the flash was reserved to technologies by levels and cache or promptly applied in performance applications isolated as databases.
California Department of Technology
However, we have begun to see a steady increase in the interest generated by the Flash unit in recent years. According to IDC, the world market of flash-based cabins grew to 11.3 billion dollars in 2014. In addition, IDC reported that flash has grown a 101% year over year in the second quarter of 2015 in EMEA "defying the slowdown of the global storage market".

Will be new uses for flash
In 2016, the sector will continue to moving into a revolution flash as a result of lower prices. Flash sales are doubled due to the aggressive cut in prices caused by the bet of the big enterprise storage companies for this juicy slice of market-ready.

Descending prices, companies will soon begin to find new uses Flash to drive their businesses. Mansfield Oil, leader in energy supply, logistics and services in North America, is one of the private higher-income of United States companies. The company uses flash to maintain the solid performance of your SQL Server for high transaction environment. This allows Mansfield go ahead of the competition and to ensure that the business-critical applications are always available, without exception.

Change of storage management scenarios
There is no doubt that the hybrid cloud is taking off. Sandler Research concluded that the market is growing at a compound interest of 29.22% for the period from 2014-2019. In addition, technological organizations must learn to support a modern set of end users who are willing to create environments of new technological resources,

Friday, January 29, 2016

Mission to Jupiter with technology

When in 2022, the European satellite JUICE explore Jupiter's icy moons, it will take on board electronic components designed by a young SME born in Leganés (Madrid) and that, based on selling gray matter, has carved a niche in the European aerospace industry. Arquimea Deutschland, Ferran Tejada, executive director not concerned too much crisis or need to work in other countries, but yes regretted that the Spanish investment in r & d lacks "a plan of long-term consistency".

Space mission JUICE, which aims to examine three years the satellites Callisto, Europe and Ganymede, is one of the star's Cosmic Vision, the European planetary exploration program for which the Spanish SME Arquimea engineering is designing two complex microchips, base on which future final electronic components will be developed. The company, created in 2005, has two main areas of activity: actuators mechanisms based on smart materials and integrated circuits, microchips.

Its main customer is the European Space Agency and work with technologies that developed from a low maturity level and serve as a base for components that ESA uses for its missions. Your success is the laboratory test that demonstrates the validity of the following formula: an efficient use of public investment in r & d coupled with a very focused business strategy to specific needs of the industry and high value-added products resulting in a solid position in the sector in less than ten years.
Jupiter mission
"What makes Arquimea is focusing on a very specific niche in the space sector, with shape memory materials, smart alloys which change or recover their form when you change the temperature, a capacity that in Europe almost nobody is. In addition, we are in the field of microelectronics, one of the few in Europe specialized in radiation-tolerant mixed-signal designs. Cosmic radiation alters the functioning of many circuits and we must design them with special techniques that make them resistant and tolerant to this radiation,"says Tejada as outlines of the focus of its activity.

Ferrán Tejada, executive director of Arquimea Deutschland.
"We have engaged in r & d projects financed by CDTI Development Center for Industrial Technology in Spain, by the Ministry of economy or that of science and innovation at the time," he says, "and we are also leaders in several European projects. As we assume technology base, is easily salable or bankable,"adds. In 2012, however, the company had to make the leap to Germany, when public budgets for space suffer a severe drop in Spain because of the crisis. "Here the competition is much greater, but the investment is also 10 times higher. Our main clients and partners were here, and working in Germany we have the possibility of transferring technologies to other sectors, such as automotive and industry. "This year we are consolidating the company in the space sector and in two or three years will pass to the sectors medical and industrial", exposes Tejada, one of the installed in Fránkfurt Oder 5 and that add to the around 30 employees of the company in Spain. In this fiscal year they be billed more than 5 million euros, 90% as a result of the export.

Despite the Spanish investors efforts in r & d, many companies are on the way. "Personally I miss a plan, a greater consistency of the strategy. I get the feeling that when there is money is financed everything and when you stop it things are half, cut by which what has been financed before is lost. It would be interesting to establish a clear strategy and communicate it well above where you want to go r & d in Spain in each of the sectors, as well as granting a greater weight of SMEs in defining those interests with respect to large companies", it proposes.

But for anchoring in a sector not just favorable investment, but is also required intense interaction with other companies. "European projects conducive to the formation of consortia with companies or research institutions in at least three countries, and then there is what we call the cold door, which consists of designing something that you think may be of interest to a company and trying to contact her in fairs, for example. A couple of years ago we contacted thus with Daimler and write two patents with them based on our shape memory materials"are proud, explaining the key that allows to position itself in a massive investment sector, such as aerospace, counting only with computers and two laboratories:" put a satellite in space costs in the order of 400 million euros " , but there are components that produce from hundreds of thousands of dollars to several million. Each antenna, each solar panel, each CPU are inpu

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wi-Fi from the office

Design of pieces, also for exclusive development, software, is one of the most intuitive thing in the world, is installed on any computer in the office, and can thus prepare all parts to be machined in a folder, the files are loaded in a pendrive and takes machine, or in case of using the tablet, they can be sent to the control, via Wi-Fi from the office. The program allows printing of barcode labels, once generated the files for machining, so each piece is identified at the time of be cut and then using the reader, control automatically searches for the program for the part to be machined. In this way, errors and processing time are eliminated.

Having the machine-independent software, avoided the dead times of having to program at the foot of the machine, thus also the machine is independent of an operating system such as windows, so it prevents further computer problems that may cause stop of machine or even worse complications of difficult solution the user. In this way, the machine is never deprecated on your operating system and unrelated to any type of computer virus. In terms of consumption and space occupied, a record in its kind, since working consumes less 1kw and only occupies 2, 5 m 2 workshop area.

Vertimaq has put in the new Drillboy, all their accumulated experience and the development of cutting-edge technology, from the cnc, axes handling systems, through to his exclusive head 6 tools, with electronic tracer multifunction, always paying attention to all the important aspects necessary today day in carpentry to measure.

The head has a built-in, electronic sensor system allowing to correct the position of the holes for Assembly on the small differences of parts in its four vertices, as well as measure differences in the lengths of cut from the same.
Sabbatic, company specialized in the management of expenses of companies, has partnered with Ibermática innovation Institute (i3B) to develop its platform of 'intelligent cost management': an application for smartphone and web that uses algorithms of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and semantic rules systems.

This digital and interactive way of managing costs, minimizes the time required to report spending tickets accumulated in the portfolio of any person who, for professional or personal reasons expenses usually must then justify or who wants to control.

The application developed by Ibermática, thanks to machine vision algorithms, is able to analyze the images, filter their noise, align the texts, eliminate folds, shadows and spots, normalize the brightness, and extract the information. Additionally, a semantic system analyzes the information and corrects the data if they are not properly read by the system (badly formatted dates, incorrect amounts, names with weird characters, etc).

This intelligent expense management tool, moreover, able based on a set of predictive analytics, to infer whether missing certain data from the historical behavior of different customers, and even suggest if certain data are not usual - as different amounts in regular stores. Finally, a system of semantic rules checks compliance with certain rules (triangulation of VAT, for example), or inferences (conversion of currencies...).

Sabbatic, which is available for systems Android and soon will do so also for Apple's iOS, is composed of various functions divided between the APP for Smartphone and enforcement website. But it is not the only tool of intelligent cost management 'made in Spain'. Another platform to capture and manage tickets costs that saw light this year is Captio, a startup that participates in the MICROSOFT BizSpark program for entrepreneurs and with a promising future - users of the developed tool increase at a rate of 400% annually, they said recently from the company based in Tarragona.
Captio was born to solve problems of inefficiency arising from the management of the notes of expenses of travel companies, both by the worker mobility and as part of the company when it comes to supervise them. Last September signed an agreement with Telefónica for telecommunications giant marketed this digital solution that makes it easy to automate expense notes management, both from the point of view of who generates it of which must approve it, without need to conserve paper by spending notes.

In this way, platform enables a completely electronic management because digitization is certified and approved by the IRS. A movement that is ahead of the new regulation of the tax agency that, from 2017, require corporations to report individually on all tickets, both issued as received, leaving other companies to join with optionally.