Sunday, January 31, 2016

California Department of Technology

In 2016, we will see how products and solutions meet the needs that he has the market in terms of simplicity, easier management, better profitability and the need to integrate the management of data on the hybrid cloud.

The new year will bring the following new features:

Breaking down the barriers between servers, storage and networking
The converged infrastructure will minimize the burden posed by integrated hardware and released to customers so that they can experience with innovative software. It has been designed to increase the capacity of response of the Department of technology to the needs of the business, that reduces the overall cost in computing.

In its inaugural study Voice of the Enterprise: Converged Infrastructure, 451 Research concluded that 40% of the end-users surveyed planned to increase their spending on converged infrastructure through 2015, a clear signal that it will have more prevalence in 2016.

As with most technologies, the path towards converged infrastructure is driven by the need for simplicity and speed and the reduction of expenses.

At the Baylor School of medicine, often takes weeks to get infrastructure for research projects. This has avoided that the University could conduct investigations even more pioneering and publish results faster. To meet this need, the technology of Baylor team created a cloud of detection in a solution of converged infrastructure which provided prevalidado storage, network, and server technologies. Thus, Baylor managed to save 1.5 million dollars in hardware costs and properly allocated their resources without that researchers had to stop focusing on health to focus on technology.

DevOps will boost the growth of the converged infrastructure
Besides simplicity and speed, converged infrastructure is one of the segments with higher growth of the business infrastructure since resolves the main problem of the majority of organizations: the lack of knowledge of technology.

DevOps promises to communication, collaboration, integration and automation to create efficiencies in the organizations. In 2016, the organizations will see an increase of investments in converged infrastructure as DevOps emerges as a key example of the growth momentum.

Although DevOps required more time for programming applications, you can automate and streamline many processes, such as hardware configuration. It also promises to reduce start time of running new applications. This transition of workflows can help teams of technology to redirect its staff to the tasks that help to achieve and promote business objectives.

The price cuts will double the size of the flash market
The first wave of adoption of flash was fueled by their promise of performance, but its use was limited because of high costs. So far, the flash was reserved to technologies by levels and cache or promptly applied in performance applications isolated as databases.
California Department of Technology
However, we have begun to see a steady increase in the interest generated by the Flash unit in recent years. According to IDC, the world market of flash-based cabins grew to 11.3 billion dollars in 2014. In addition, IDC reported that flash has grown a 101% year over year in the second quarter of 2015 in EMEA "defying the slowdown of the global storage market".

Will be new uses for flash
In 2016, the sector will continue to moving into a revolution flash as a result of lower prices. Flash sales are doubled due to the aggressive cut in prices caused by the bet of the big enterprise storage companies for this juicy slice of market-ready.

Descending prices, companies will soon begin to find new uses Flash to drive their businesses. Mansfield Oil, leader in energy supply, logistics and services in North America, is one of the private higher-income of United States companies. The company uses flash to maintain the solid performance of your SQL Server for high transaction environment. This allows Mansfield go ahead of the competition and to ensure that the business-critical applications are always available, without exception.

Change of storage management scenarios
There is no doubt that the hybrid cloud is taking off. Sandler Research concluded that the market is growing at a compound interest of 29.22% for the period from 2014-2019. In addition, technological organizations must learn to support a modern set of end users who are willing to create environments of new technological resources,