Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wi-Fi from the office

Design of pieces, also for exclusive development, software, is one of the most intuitive thing in the world, is installed on any computer in the office, and can thus prepare all parts to be machined in a folder, the files are loaded in a pendrive and takes machine, or in case of using the tablet, they can be sent to the control, via Wi-Fi from the office. The program allows printing of barcode labels, once generated the files for machining, so each piece is identified at the time of be cut and then using the reader, control automatically searches for the program for the part to be machined. In this way, errors and processing time are eliminated.

Having the machine-independent software, avoided the dead times of having to program at the foot of the machine, thus also the machine is independent of an operating system such as windows, so it prevents further computer problems that may cause stop of machine or even worse complications of difficult solution the user. In this way, the machine is never deprecated on your operating system and unrelated to any type of computer virus. In terms of consumption and space occupied, a record in its kind, since working consumes less 1kw and only occupies 2, 5 m 2 workshop area.

Vertimaq has put in the new Drillboy, all their accumulated experience and the development of cutting-edge technology, from the cnc, axes handling systems, through to his exclusive head 6 tools, with electronic tracer multifunction, always paying attention to all the important aspects necessary today day in carpentry to measure.

The head has a built-in, electronic sensor system allowing to correct the position of the holes for Assembly on the small differences of parts in its four vertices, as well as measure differences in the lengths of cut from the same.
Sabbatic, company specialized in the management of expenses of companies, has partnered with Ibermática innovation Institute (i3B) to develop its platform of 'intelligent cost management': an application for smartphone and web that uses algorithms of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and semantic rules systems.

This digital and interactive way of managing costs, minimizes the time required to report spending tickets accumulated in the portfolio of any person who, for professional or personal reasons expenses usually must then justify or who wants to control.

The application developed by Ibermática, thanks to machine vision algorithms, is able to analyze the images, filter their noise, align the texts, eliminate folds, shadows and spots, normalize the brightness, and extract the information. Additionally, a semantic system analyzes the information and corrects the data if they are not properly read by the system (badly formatted dates, incorrect amounts, names with weird characters, etc).

This intelligent expense management tool, moreover, able based on a set of predictive analytics, to infer whether missing certain data from the historical behavior of different customers, and even suggest if certain data are not usual - as different amounts in regular stores. Finally, a system of semantic rules checks compliance with certain rules (triangulation of VAT, for example), or inferences (conversion of currencies...).

Sabbatic, which is available for systems Android and soon will do so also for Apple's iOS, is composed of various functions divided between the APP for Smartphone and enforcement website. But it is not the only tool of intelligent cost management 'made in Spain'. Another platform to capture and manage tickets costs that saw light this year is Captio, a startup that participates in the MICROSOFT BizSpark program for entrepreneurs and with a promising future - users of the developed tool increase at a rate of 400% annually, they said recently from the company based in Tarragona.
Captio was born to solve problems of inefficiency arising from the management of the notes of expenses of travel companies, both by the worker mobility and as part of the company when it comes to supervise them. Last September signed an agreement with Telefónica for telecommunications giant marketed this digital solution that makes it easy to automate expense notes management, both from the point of view of who generates it of which must approve it, without need to conserve paper by spending notes.

In this way, platform enables a completely electronic management because digitization is certified and approved by the IRS. A movement that is ahead of the new regulation of the tax agency that, from 2017, require corporations to report individually on all tickets, both issued as received, leaving other companies to join with optionally.